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  • Architectural Designer Basic salary + performance commission 1
    Job content

    Responsible for formulating the company's resource and asset allocation plan, formulating capital operation plans around the core main business and target industries, and responsible for the evaluation and implementation of the company's direct financing investment projects.

    Responsible for collecting oil service and other related industry information, formulating the company's medium and long-term planning, business planning and company resource and asset allocation plans

    Formulate capital operation plans around core main businesses and target industries

    Assist the manager to carry out the company's strategic management and the evaluation and implementation of direct financing investment projects.

    Job requirements

    1. Strong communication and expression skills;

    2. Clear thinking and careful consideration of problems;

    3. Rigorous and steady work style, with strong professionalism, keen insight, and strong overall view;

    4. Strong logical thinking ability and research and analysis ability;

    5. Have good written and language communication skills;

    6. Master the use of office software such as WORD and EXCEL, and have basic network knowledge.


    1. Salary: basic salary + performance commission.

    The salary range of employees covers a wide range. In August 2017, the salary ranged from 3,000 yuan to 20,000 yuan, and the average monthly salary was 8,000 yuan.

    2. Perfect promotion mechanism

    The project is continuous without errors, and the corresponding design level can be improved. The corresponding basic salary and design unit price can be increased.

    3. Five risks

    Endowment insurance, medical insurance, unemployment insurance, industrial injury insurance and maternity insurance.

    4. Closed on Sundays and statutory holidays