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  • Chendong

    Male, graduated from Renmin University of China with a master's degree in economics. He has served as the head of the Human Resources Department of the Group Headquarters of China Post Group Co., Ltd., and the managing director (MD) of the energy/manufacturing investment field of Kunwu Jiuding Investment Management Co., Ltd., and is currently the company's executive president.

  • Wangzhongjun

    Male, born in August 1975, Chinese nationality, no overseas right of abode, bachelor's degree.In June 2009, he graduated from Yangtze University majoring in accounting.He has served successively as manager of financial management Department of Beiken, vice president, assistant president and general manager of International Company. Now he is vice president, Chief Financial officer and general manager of Chengdu Company.

  • Duhongling

    Male, graduated from Petroleum University (East China) majoring in petroleum geology, senior engineer. He once engaged in oil and gas field development research in Xinjiang Oilfield Company Exploration and Development Research Institute, and oil and gas production capacity construction in Xinjiang Oilfield Company Development Company. During this period, he served as deputy manager of the project department, manager of the project department, deputy chief geologist of the company, and chief geologist of the company. vice president.

  • Yangfan

    Male, born in June 1981, Chinese nationality, no overseas right of abode, graduated from China University of Geosciences (Beijing) in June 2003, with a bachelor's degree in mechanical automation. He has served successively in SCHRAMM and the GREKA (Zhengzhou) ; From June 2014 to December 2021, he served as the Chairman and General Manager of Wellking Energy Technology Service Co., Ltd. (SWK) . Vice President of Beiken and Chairman ofWellking Energy from December 2021 to present.

  • Dengdonghong

    Male, bachelor degree. He served as technician and leader of Jianghan Oilfield Drilling team, deputy manager of Xinjiang Project Department, deputy director of Drilling Technology Research Institute, director of Technical Development Department and deputy chief engineer. In beiken, he has successively served as drilling project manager, Safety Director, Technical Director, Vice general manager, Southwest Oilfield Service Project Manager, President assistant, and now the company's senior vice president and chief engineer.

  • Jiangli

    Female, born in August 1975, Chinese nationality, no overseas right of abode, bachelor's degree. From November 2009 to December 2014, Director of Finance Department of Beiken; From January 2015 to March 2017 she served as Assistant to the general manager of Beiken. From March 3 2017 to May 2022 she was the Chief Financial Officer of Beiken. She is currently secretary of the board of Directors of the company.

Company culture

  • Core

    loyalty, fusion
    Perseverance and win-win

  • Enterprise

    Pursue customer value, assume social responsibility,
    seek employee happiness, and build a century-old enterprise.

  • Enterprise

    Pursue dreams, persevere and persevere

    Scientific development, constantly surpass

  • Struggle

    Oil and gas field development and drilling engineering technical services are the main body

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    No. 91, gateway Road, Baijiantan District, Karamay City

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