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Inspection, maintenance and leasing

The integrated construction of drilling and oil testing includes drilling engineering and fracturing, oil testing and drainage and production engineering:

Among them: drilling engineering refers to the demolition and installation of drilling rig, drilling, logging, logging, cementing, drilling fluid, orientation, informatization of exploration and production, digital data entry, on-site cleaner production, drilling waste collection and preliminary treatment, final disposal of drilling wastewater, drilling plug of oil layer casing, blow through and pressure test of the whole wellbore, All drilling operations from to the time when the drilling rig is removed.

Fracturing, oil testing and drainage and production engineering refers to all the work of oil testing and fracturing engineering construction, including the removal and installation of oil testing and fracturing equipment and general scraping, the first section perforation, the combined operation of cable pumping bridge plug cluster perforation, the supporting equipment and facilities and construction operation of oil testing and fracturing, the production test after single well pressure, the safety and environmental protection within the scope of contract and the admission of relevant construction materials.