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Integrated engineering and technical services

The company is capable of providing a series of technical services including exploration and geological evaluation, drilling design, drilling engineering construction, fixed orientation technical services, cementing technical services, fracturing technical services and drainage technical services.


With more than 13 years of engineering and technical service experience, the company has drilled and completed more than 3.5 million meters, drilled and completed more than 3,000 Wells, with a maximum drilling depth of 7900 meters.


Southwest China: The company is the largest private oil service enterprise in the development of shale gas in southwest China. It has set a new record for the drilling speed of shale gas in the west Chongqing area, and many teams have long been ranked in the benchmark list of shale gas exploration and development in Sichuan and Chongqing. At present, the company has 6 ZJ70 electric drilling RIGS, 60,000 horsepower fracturing vehicle sets, and has drilled and completed more than 1,000 Wells and more than 1,000 fracturing stages.

Xinjiang Region: The company is a private oilfield service enterprise with the most comprehensive business types and the largest number of qualified teams in Xinjiang region. It has 20 drilling RIGS with annual footage of more than 150,000 meters, cumulative footage of more than 2 million meters, and annual drilling and completion of more than 100 Wells.

Overseas market: The company is the first Chinese oilfield service company to enter the Ukrainian market. It is the largest and most powerful foreign oilfield service company in Ukraine. It has drilled and completed more than 60 Wells and drilled more than 130,000 meters.

Coalbed methane development field: One of the few domestic oilfield service enterprises that carry out both conventional and unconventional oil and gas operations. With the breakthrough of deep coal seam development in Shanxi Province, it takes the lead to enter the integrated operation market of CNPC coalbed gas, Zhonghai Voban, Yamei Energy (pilot test) and other customers by taking advantage of comprehensive technological advantages across coalbed gas, shale gas and conventional oil and gas.