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  • 2022-2-YS001 Transportation Project Announcement

    1. Overview and scope:
    Overview of Service Procurement: The road transportation service service item refers to the transportation service item in which the logistics carrier picks up the goods according to the determined transportation model, and delivers the goods to the designated site by road transportation. The delivered materials include oil drilling equipment, accessories, chemical materials, etc. class materials.
    2. Scope of procurement project services:
    2.1 Transport models:
    1. Road transport models: 13-meter semi-trailer, 17-meter semi-trailer; 40-ton flatbed truck; 50-ton crane; 20-30-ton self-provided crane, 20-30-ton general cargo transport vehicle; 5-ton small general cargo transport vehicle; Tanker trucks (producing water, domestic water, mud and sewage); other models (specific models are determined for domestic transportation of materials and vehicles).
    2. On-duty bus: 19-seat minibus, off-road vehicle;
    3. Pipe grabbing machine
    2.2 Service Scope
    Xinjiang Oilfield Areas
    3. Qualification requirements for bidders
    1. The bidder shall have the qualification of an independent legal person or the authorization of an independent legal person;
    2. The bidder shall have a road operating license;
    3. The bidder shall be qualified as an international freight forwarder and obtain the record form of an international freight forwarder;
    4. The bidder has no major lawsuits in the past three years;
    Fourth, the registration method: by e-mail and on-site registration. The supplier compresses the qualifications (scanned copies) and other materials into one file, the file name is: purchase information number + registration company name, and sends it as an attachment to the email with the email subject: purchase information number + registration company name.
    5. Deadline for registration: 2022-2-11 9:00 to 2022-2-21 18:00 (Beijing time)
    6. Contact Information
    Contact: Chen Huachao Tel: 15999396266
    Email: chenhuachao@beiken.com
    Seven, matters needing attention:
    Registrations after the registration deadline will not be accepted, and the time of email reception will be the node.